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App Personal

September 28, 2023 2024-03-13 13:34

One App to Monetize Them All

Transform your social media activities into valuable rewards. Connect, engage, and earn effortlessly with our user-friendly platform.


Choose the experience you want

Free Version

  • Connect with TikTok
  • Daily Points
  • Rewards

Filtroo Gold

  • Everything Free has +
  • Premium Gift Cards
  • Black & Gold Theme
  • Unlimited Daily Points
  • Weekly Raffles

How Filtroo Works

Easy Social Media Integration

Connect your TikTok and Spotify accounts to start earning points for every post, like, follow and music stream.

Download Filtroo

Download Filtroo Available on Android & iOS

Connect Your Accounts

earn rewards tiktok spotify filtroo app

Easily link your TikTok, and Spotify accounts to start earning points for your daily activities.

Earn Points

earn money social media filtroo app tiktok instagram spotify

Get rewarded for posts, likes, follows, and listening to music. Every interaction boosts your points balance.

Redeem Rewards

Unlock exclusive rewards with your points and enjoy them instantaneously!

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