Campaigns Enterprise

Campaigns Enterprise

August 23, 2023 2023-09-22 7:55

Lightning-fast AR campaign creation

Leverage our extensive microinfluencer database to amplify your reach and reduce campaign costs with cashback points. Don’t wait – revolutionize your marketing strategy with Filtroo now.

One thing is certain:


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Set up campaigns in less than 5minutes


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Other platforms have an average of 11 seconds


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18 times the amount of shares as other apps


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High engagement rates to promote your brand

Track all your active campaigns

Boost your campaigns with influencer promo

We work with a variety of influencers to help promote your social media campaign

Amplify Your Reach

Harness the power of influencer marketing with Filtroo’s AR filters. Increase brand visibility and engagement.

Authentic Connections

Connect with your audience on a deeper level through influencer-promoted AR filter campaigns. Drive authentic interactions.