Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a user

What is Filtroo?

It’s a mobile App that lets you earn money for sharing filters on your social media stories: Instagram, Facebook and later TikTok and Snapchat. The more you use the filters and the more you tag your friends, the more “coins” you earn, which you can exchange for products, experiences or discounts at your favorite shops and brands.

How it works

By sharing our filters (effects) on your stories, you earn coins (virtual money). Your coins are accumulated in your profile, just like a wallet. When you have accumulated enough coins, you can exchange them for any reward you want, whether it’s at a partner establishment, or online within the App. Rewards go from free or exclusive products, to unique experiences and/or discounts.

Where can I use it?

You can use Filtroo anywhere, anytime. You can choose any filter you like and use it directly from our App at any time, or you can scan our QR codes located across all our partner establishments in Spain and use those branded filters. 

You can also find a list of all our partner brands and establishments on our App, web and Instagram profile (

Do I need to open a Filtroo account or can I use filters directly from my Instagram?

You’ll need to download and sign up/log in to Filtroo with your Instagram account in order to accumulate the coins you earn every time you share a filter, and claim rewards. 

If you use one of our filters directly from Instagram, without having the Filtroo App, you won’t earn any coins or rewards.

Do I need to have my own Filtroo account to use the filters?

Yes, your Filtroo account is where you accumulate the coins you earn. You will also be able to directly access your “favorite” and “used” filters on your Filtroo profile.

Does Filtroo have access to my Instagram account?

We request access only to link your Instagram profile to your Filtroo profile. We don’t have access to post or see your followers, private messages or anything that you have not uploaded publicly. We only ask you to link your account so you can use our filters on your Instagram profile, but once linked only you have access to it and you have full control over it. You could say we work as a bridge between your accounts so you can use filters in the easiest way and receive coins for sharing them.

How do I earn coins and rewards?

You need to use and share our filters on your Instagram stories in order to earn coins. You can then use those coins to claim any reward you like from our partner brands.

How do I exchange my coins for rewards?

Visit our partner brands within the categories section or in the Eshop, and go to the rewards section. When you have accumulated enough coins for the reward you want, select the reward you want and confirm you want to redeem it with your coins.

If you are at one of our partner establishments, when you claim one of their rewards, we will automatically generate a one-time use QR code for you to redeem your reward. Simply call a waiter or clerk from the establishment and ask them to validate your QR code, and voila! They will bring you your reward if your QR code is valid.

How do I know if an establishment has Filtroo?

You will see our QR codes with the Filtroo logo across the establishment’s most visible places. If it’s a restaurant, you may find our QR code at the entrance, tables and/or bathroom mirrors (for selfies). 

What do I get for sharing a brand or establishment’s filters?

Each place and brand decides what rewards they give to users. Some will offer lots of smaller rewards, others will have more exclusive and limited rewards for our Filtroo Gold users. 

Depending on the complexity of filters, some will earn you more coins than others as well. If you want to earn extra coins, don’t forget to tag the brand or location, and friends too. Remember, the more you share, the more you earn!

Will Filtroo use my data and share it with third parties?

Filtroo will only use the public data that appears reflected on the Filtroo App. This  includes the data related to filters and the user’s behavior within our App and platform, all of this, of course with prior consent from our users when creating their Filtroo account.

The data collected through this channel may be shared with third parties as long as its objective is to improve the user experience on Filtroo, to carry out measurements and data analysis, improvements in system security or to favor communication with users.

Does Filtroo use my image?

No. When you share our filters, you share them on Instagram stories, not on Filtroo. We don’t use your image at any moment.

I didn’t receive my coins, what can I do?

Make sure you share the filter to your general followers and not just your close friends on Instagram. It’s also not valid to send the story with the filter as a direct message to your friends. It’s also important to leave your story published with the filter for 24 hours, otherwise your coins will not be valid. If you have shared the filter correctly and still the coins were not loaded to your profile, write us an email to providing as much details as you can, so that we can understand what happened and help you solve it.

I’m a business

What type of businesses have Filtroo?

Any type of business that wants to have a greater interaction with existing customers, reach new customers through viral exposure on social media, enhance sales with virtual try-ons and have organic content created by their own customers who act as micro influencers, by sharing their branded and exclusive augmented reality filters on social media. 

How can I have Filtroo in my business?

Contact our sales team at, or choose your plan from here and you’ll soon start enjoying all the advantages of having unique filters created exclusively for your brand. Your customers will become your own influencers!

How do I know if one of my customers used my filter and has earned enough coins to exchange them for one of my rewards?

By subscribing to Filtroo, you get access to our B2B dashboard where you will have all the metrics and analytics related to your rewards and customers. You will be able to know how many people used your filters and if they tagged your brand or establishment when doing so. You can also update, modify and track your rewards in real time with just one click.

I’m a filter creator

How can I upload my filters to Filtroo?

To protect the Filtroo community, both users and creators, all content that is posted on Filtroo must be pre-approved by Filtroo as well as Spark AR. For this reason, at Filtroo we established a direct channel for creators that allows them to send us the file containing the filter so that our experts and designers can review it, prior to approving its publication on the App and Platform. In the event that the filter is already public on Instagram through Spark AR, creators will only have to notify us which filter they want us to publish on Filtroo, so that our designers can review it and approve it for inclusion on the Filtroo App.

What do I get for creating filters for Filtroo?

You can monetize your work in the following ways:

You can publish your existing and public filters from Instagram in our App, and get paid on impressions generated on Filtroo, or

You can apply to gigs to create new filters for our partner brands and earn a side income from it. 

On top of that, you get access to the best rewarded community of filter creators in the world, exclusive experiences and contests, and the possibility for your work to be seen and used by our partner brands for their marketing campaings worldwide.

How many filters can I create and/or upload to Filtroo?

As many as you wish.

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® 2022 Filtroo.OÜ.

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