FAQ Personal

FAQ Personal

July 17, 2023 2024-03-08 7:13

Our most frequently asked questions

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What is Filtroo, and how can I use it to enhance my TikTok videos?

Filtroo is an augmented reality filter platform that you can use on TikTok to add creative effects to your videos and earn points that can be exchanged for discounts and coupons.

Is Filtroo free for users?

Yes, Filtroo is completely free for all users! We have the Gold version for the more demanding and adventurous users who will earn double points every time they share their videos using Filtroo filters.

How do I earn points on Filtroo, and what can I do with them?

You earn points on Filtroo by using our filters in your TikTok videos. You can redeem these points for discounts and coupons from popular brands.

Are there different categories of filters on Filtroo?

Yes, we have categories such as Fun, Games, Celebrities, Beauty, Brands, and Music!

How do I share my creations on social media from the Filtroo app?

From the Filtroo app, you can directly share your videos on your social media, including TikTok, with our creative AR filters.

Does Filtroo plan to expand to other platforms besides TikTok?

Definitely! We are working on expanding to Instagram and Snapchat soon.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with a filter on Filtroo?

If you experience technical issues, try restarting the app. If that doesn’t work, contact us for assistance.

What types of rewards can I obtain by redeeming my points on Filtroo?

You can redeem your points for coupons and discounts at thousands of brands you’ll find in the Filtroo app.

How can I stay updated on the latest news and updates from Filtroo?

Stay informed about the latest news and updates by following us on our social media and blog.

How can I create a custom filter on Filtroo?

You can create a custom filter on TikTok Effect House and, once approved, upload it to the Filtroo platform to share it with the community.

Can I earn money by creating filters on Filtroo?

Currently, no, but you will earn points that you can redeem for discounts and coupons from your favorite brands.

How can I promote my filter for others to use?

Promote your filters by sharing them on your social media and participate in challenges to gain visibility.

What types of filters are the most popular among users?

The most popular filters are typically fun and creative ones. Experiment and discover what works best.

How can I protect my filters and creativity on Filtroo?

Your creations are protected by copyright. Please refer to our policies for more details.

What are the advantages of being a creator on Filtroo?

As a creator on Filtroo, you gain visibility, can earn points for every use of your filters, and in the future, you may receive financial compensation for your creations.

How long does it take to approve and publish a filter on Filtroo?

The approval time can vary, but it is generally reviewed and approved within a reasonable timeframe. Stay updated through your creator dashboard.