Monetize your Social Media.

Filters that make you win real money.
You don’t have to be an influencer, just yourself.

Instantly earn points and rewards for every TikTok video you share using our Augmented Reality filters. The more friends and places you tag, the more points you will earn!

Share once, earn double!

Filtroo Gold gives you double points and access to exclusive rewards. Pre-register now to get a FREE month and 10 extra points.

Earn money with your friends every time you share TikTok videos​.

How It Works.

1. Choose your favorite filter from our App or scan the QR codes located at our partner establishments. This will open TikTok´s camera so you can share the filter in a Story.

2. Tag friends, locations and/or brands, and share your video on TikTok.

3. Claim your points on our App, and instantly redeem them for valuable rewards such as products, discounts or experiences. Enjoy!

Some of our clients.

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