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September 28, 2023 2023-11-09 11:15

Turn your TikTok videos into profit

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Over 10 million rewards from 10.000 brands

Download Filtroo now

Get Started With Filtroo Now!

Step 1. Download Filtroo

Download Filtroo Available on Android & iOS

Step 2. Create Your Account

Sign up and connect your TikTok account

Step 3. Share & Earn

Start sharing AR filters, engage with friends and brands, post videos and earn Filtroo points!

Step 4. Redeem Rewards

Unlock exclusive rewards with your points and enjoy them instantaneously!

Trending Augmented Reality Filters

Discover the latest AR filters and create unique videos.

Stand out and make your content irresistible on social media with our engaging AR filters!

Empower Your Brand with Custom Campaigns

Create engaging campaigns that resonate and reward users for sharing your innovative filters.

Immerse your audience in experiences that are exclusively tailored, fostering loyalty and amplifying your brand’s message

Insightful Metrics for Strategic Content Planning

Knowledge is power! With Filtroo’s detailed metrics, easily track your content’s performance.

Whether it’s filters or campaigns, gain insights that are crucial for refining your strategies and making your content more impactful and engaging!

Unlock Exclusive Rewards Every Time You Post

Every post counts! With Filtroo, each filter shared is a step towards exclusive rewards.

Earn points effortlessly and redeem them for irresistible rewards that make your Filtroo journey even more exciting!

Connect with Global Influencers & Brands

Filtroo is your gateway to engaging with influencers and brands from across the globe.

Increase your visibility, collaborate, and create content that’s loved and shared by many!


Discover success stories


Redeem rewards, plant trees.

For each reward redeemed, we plant one tree

Discover Filtroo’s insights and more.