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September 4, 2023 2023-09-22 8:04

Turn your viral AR stories into revenue

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Over 10 million rewards from 10.000 brands

Download Filtroo now

Guide to Access Exclusive
Features and Rewards

Step 1. Download Filtroo

Get Started with the Ultimate Augmented Reality Filters App

Step 2. Connect and Tag

Engage with Friends and Favorite Brands on Filtroo

Step 3. Share and shine

Post Enticing Videos with Augmented Reality Filters

Step 4. Earn and Redeem

Collect Points and Unlock Exclusive Rewards and Perks

Custom Augmented Reality Filters

Create and share your own augmented reality filters with Filtroo.

With Filtroo, create engaging content with augmented reality filters and stand out on social media.

Custom Campaigns for Brands

Brands can create engaging campaigns and reward users for sharing their filters.

Filtroo allows brands to create immersive brand experiences with custom campaigns on our filters.

Detailed Metrics for Your Content

Track the performance of your filters and campaigns with our detailed metrics.

Track the performance of your filters and campaigns with our detailed metrics and improve your future strategies.

Exclusive Rewards for Users

Earn points and redeem them for exclusive rewards by sharing your filters.

With Filtroo, each time you share a filter, you earn points that you can redeem for exclusive rewards.

Connect with Influencers and Brands

Engage with influencers and favourite brands on Filtroo.

Filtroo allows you to connect with influencers and brands from around the world, increasing your visibility.


Discover success stories


Redeem rewards, plant trees.

For each reward redeemed, we plant one tree

Discover Filtroo’s insights and more.

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