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September 28, 2023 2024-05-15 12:52

Earn rewards with

Turn your social media activity into rewards.
Earn, redeem, and enjoy with Filtroo.

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Over 1 million rewards from 1,000 brands

Super easy to get started

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Connect Your Accounts

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Easily link your TikTok, and Instagram accounts to start earning points for your daily activities.

Earn Points

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Get rewarded for posts, likes, follows, reels and carousels. Every interaction boosts your points balance.

Redeem Rewards

Unlock exclusive rewards with your points and enjoy them instantaneously!

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Rewarding Your Appreciation

Turn Likes into Rewards

Filtroo transform your likes into points to unlock a treasure trove of rewards, making each approval click a step closer to exclusive benefits.

Your music taste has value!

Every Beat Counts

Enjoy your favorite tunes on Spotify and earn rewards, harmonizing your listening experience with exciting perks.

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Sharing is Earning

Expand Your Influence

Amplify your reach and earn with every share. Filtroo turns your shared content into points, rewarding your efforts to connect and engage across social media.

Create, Post, Earn

Every post counts! With Filtroo, each post shared is a step towards exclusive rewards.

Earn points effortlessly and redeem them for irresistible rewards that make your Filtroo journey even more exciting!

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Engage and Earn

Conversations That Count

Make your voice heard and rewarded. Filtroo values your comments and discussions, offering points for your engagement and insights on TikTok.

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Redeem rewards, plant trees.

For each reward redeemed, we plant one tree

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